Archer Astrology


There are three main options for you to choose from (see below for details).

It is usually recommended that you start with 1. Astro Profile: Your Personal Horoscope as this can be surprisingly revealing and help you put other matters into context.

Astrological readings are primarily conducted by consultation over the telephone (I call you on a landline number anywhere in the world), or for SKYPE users via one-to-one video consultation, at a time we mutually agree upon and typically last an hour or so.

As well as your contact details, you shall need to provide your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (if a time is not available, a reading based on a general chart for your special birth day can still be extremely valuable in providing you with very helpful insights and understanding of your situation).

Note: More elaborate work, written reports or financial work for corporate clients may be negotiated for a separate fee.

You might also find it helpful to receive a regular WEEKLY or MONTHLY update on your stars. Ask Karen for further details.

GIFT VOUCHERS ARE AVAILABLE: If you have enjoyed a consultation with Karen, why not offer a similar experience to someone you care about for their birthday or special celebration? You can purchase a GIFT VOUCHER to give them - simply contact Karen for details.

1. ASTRO PROFILE: Your Personal Horoscope

This is a full astrological reading and interpretation of your character and life potential, as shown in your birth chart. It can really help you to understand yourself better and why you behave the way you do. Discover (or rediscover) the unique gifts and talents you were born with. Areas covered in great depth include general character, mental outlook, recreation and career, personal relationships, love and marriage, domestic scene, and well-being.

A FREE full colour copy of your personal Birth Chart is sent to you by email.

2. ASTRO UPDATE: Your Year Ahead

A fascinating glimpse into the possibilities and potentials for your very own year ahead. This consultation can prove helpful for you when it comes to making up your own mind about what choices and decisions you are going to make. It can help to put life events into a new perspective and provides a time frame for them - very useful. The astrological conditions throughout the coming twelve months are examined with particular emphasis on personal development and well-being, relationships, career, money, and travel. You can indicate specific questions that you wish to be addressed.

Note: This does not contain your in-depth character profile (for that you need to obtain an ASTRO PROFILE, see above).

3. ASTRO RELATE: Your Special Relationships

This enables you to see how compatible you are with another person and why you behave with each other the way you do. The two natal charts are carefully compared to indicate the strengths and weaknesses of the relationship, and to help you understand how you can get along better with each other. A must for parents and children, friends and lovers, and work colleagues. You can also look at a relationship from your past to understand why things worked out the way they did between you both.


A Full Consultation typically lasts up to an hour and a half costs 75 pounds sterling (you can choose from the three options above. It is highly recommended that you start with an Astro Profile). If booked together and paid for at the same time, there is a 10% discount on Astro Profile and Astro Update, or a 15% discount on Astro Profile, Astro Update and Astro Relate where these relate to the same birth chart.

Conscious of Cost? For those on a budget or benefits shorter, concise readings are available. Please ask for details.

You pay for your consultation over the Internet by the secure payment service Paypal (which accepts all major credit cards).

Note: More elaborate work, written reports or financial work for corporate clients may be negotiated for a separate fee.


Please email me:

In your email let me know which astrological service you require (including any specific questions of particular concern to you), your date of birth, place of birth and time of birth (if you have it), as well as your contact details.

I shall then email you back to clarify any details and to negotiate a convenient date and time with you for reading your stars.

Once we have agreed the details we can go ahead with your astrologial consultation as planned.