Archer Astrology

Feedback from Clients

"Karen Archer provided astrological readings for my wife and I. I was impressed with her accuracy of prediction, professional presentation of material and engaging and empathic personality. Thanks for the hard work you put into our readings and your work with us." D.M. New Zealand

"I was intrigued by Karen's astrology reports as they helped me to review my situations from a different and deeper angle. I also learned something new about myself. To me, it was a meaningful experience." M.S. Hong Kong

"I was very impressed and utterly amazed with the experience." J.D. London

"I first consulted Karen back in early 2006 and was amazed by her accurate projection and professionalism. Ever since then, Karen has given me numerous in-depth and stunning correct advices on many issues : from business development to personal matters. Karen is someone I truly respect & admire. I have no hesitation to recommend her to anyone who looks for an astrologer with profound and precise insights from the heart." A.L. Hong Kong

"I just had to drop you a line to thank you for the last two brilliant readings you did for me. It was a real pleasure to talk with you in person. The Astro Profile was extremely accurate, but the really amazing thing to my mind was that everything you predicted in the Astro Update has come true. Everything! How do you do it!! I'm one happy customer, and I'll be back." T.T. Australia

"Thank you for your insightful reading. I've had several astrological readings previously, but none even came close to the accuracy from your reading. I was really shocked that you could see so well into my personality! This is simply amazing! I was particularly grateful for your family reading information, which pinpointed the issues between myself and my older sister. I had never been able to state the problem between the two of us so concisely before. Not only did it help me to understand how to approach her, but it also helped by showing me that this had NOT been my imagination all these years! I appreciate your kind and sensible suggestions, also. To me, this goes above and beyond the call of duty for an astrology reading. Now I have to say that three months later, I am still deriving benefit, and your predictions are still right on target. Thanks again, it was well worth it!" G.U. America

"Karen's readings are accurate, insightful and comphrehensive, a great support to refer to when trying to come to terms with different phases of your life and when struggling with personal decisions. Highly recommended" M.C. London

"Karen has provided me with astrological services for the past 10 years. During this time I have found that she has provided well considered, reasoned and extremely accurate advice. Above all, she demonstrates a humanity which is not artifical or patronising but comes from the heart and is at all times based on a sound and objective astrological knowledge." L.W. Northern Ireland

"Always thorough in her attention to the charts, Karen is equally thoughtful and perceptive in the way she talks about what she has understood from them. It's deeply satisfying to have that degree of attention and insight brought to one's life and its events." M.M. Wales

"When a friend of mine suggested I have my horoscope read I was somewhat sceptical as I had never been intersted in astrology. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by your reading and am most grateful to you for suggesting that I take up amateur dramatics (which I had not thought of as something I would like to do) as, since following your advice, I have enjoyed it immensely. Many thanks." C.R. Germany

"My sessions with Karen have always been thoroughly enjoyable. I always leave with a more balanced view of how I have been feeling at particular times, because the readings put a context to my feelings and emotions. This has actually given me a lot of comfort and guidance." S.W. London

"Karen's reading has inspired me to seek to enhance my quality of life and to make the extra effort required to make more of my time on earth." E.L. Australia

"Archer Astrology has always provided me with a very detailed chart which covers all aspects of personal and working life. The clear and well-presented readings are very well explained and in the past have proved to be spookily accurate! The charts have always helped me to consider my actions carefully and have helped enormously in many decision-making processes in my life. I have often referred to past readings and discovered with a chuckle how right the stars have often proved to be!" C.W. Northern Ireland

"Helped me to open my eyes to issues in my life." M.D. Czech Republic

"Hit on some very interesting aspects which really hit a chord." G.M. Wolverhampton, England

"Thank you for your kind insight/And for shedding light/ On my desire/ To know when to retire." J.B. London, England

"This lady is a wonderful Astrologer with wonderful direction and advice. Does not rush with her time and has helped me so much." B.T. London, England

"Very interesting and inspiring reading - will take it on board." C. P. Sutton Coldfield, England

"Very insightful and helpful.Thanks." Lorraine. London, England

"Very calming and helpful. Very thoughtful." Fiona. New Zealand

"A fascinating time for reflection, and for looking into possibilities in the future. Well worth it." Bree. London

"A really interesting reading. Thank you." Vicky. Kowloon

"Hugely insightful!" Sue. London, England

"A very insightful interpretation - would recommend to a friend. A definite interesting addition to Greenwich Market. Thank you very much, Karen. It really made great sense everything you told me about me and my life." Marianna. Greece

"Very insightful and interesting. I will be returning." M.A.E.

"Thank you, Karen, you have helped me go forward with confidence and joy." J.M. Wokingham, England

"Insightful and accurate. Very Impressed. Thanks." Emily. London, England

"Session very enlightening and reassuring." G.P.

"Quite an insight into my life." K. India.

"Karen made this session insightful and engaging. This is real - not some mumbo jumbo!" D.S. London, England

"I was very surprised how good you are! I recommend her to everyone!Thank you!" Serap.Turkey

"The one hour was very interesting, and I recognised myself in a lot of what she said. This was worth the money." Anon. Norway.

"Fantastic - unbelievably accurate - will be back for more." "Mick. Edmonton.

"An amazing hour - Karen hit on a number of very specific points that had enormous significance for me, although we had never met before." Elizabeth. London, England

"Very interesting and informative. provides a new perspective to think about." D.T. New York

"Very in depth, good reading. Must come again. Thank you so much." Jay. Uganda

"Very good session, came away feeeling positive." Barbara. London

"Very interesting. Close to the mark! Will be back!" Kate. Wales

"Positive, fun, helpful. I would do again and tell friends. My first time (smiley face)." Ashley. New York

"Having been to see Karen today has helped to open my doors to a new world. Thank you." Cleiber. Venezuela, South America.

"Wanted to say thank you for the time you spent with me , well in excess of what you should have. So much of what you said makes sense and brightened my outlook for the coming year.The best counselling session that I have ever had!" Nigel. Derby, England

"Very true to word. Everything that I had thought about the next few months had shown in the reading." Elaine. Oldham, England.

"Today I came to say a big thank you to Karen as I was waiting on some news in my life and was curious to know if it be in my favour. After Karen did reading in May and assured me with positive results. And it so happened that this big news of my life resulted in my favour in June.Hooray. (smiley face)." Kamal.

"Karen has helped me to go for my dreams - she is truly amazing." Becci. Ireland.

"This was so interesting - reinforced a lot and made me think about a lot more. Thank you." Julie, Maidstone, England

"Absolutely fantastic. Took current themes and predicted them forward with great logical and intuitive skill." M.H. Hartlepool, England

"Thank you so much for such an amazing reading. Everything that was said is completely spot on! You've given me clarification I've waited a lifetime for. Thank you!" Kyle. London, England

"I am very much impressed by the insight given, and the friendly and caring way of expressing matters." Geertjam, Netherlands

"Definitely worth it - helpful food for thought for anyone." K. Evans, London

"I loved Karen's reading - very informative. Lovely lady. Thank you. See you soon." Susie, London

"I am still in shock (in the BEST of ways) since Karen has told me amazing things about my past that make me really believe that the things for the future are going to be much better. Thank you very much, Karen, and hope to see you soon!!" Lola, Spain

"Thank you very much for putting my mind at rest. I had many questions, and without asking them, you gave me the answers." Ana, Spain

"I thought the experience was fantastic - it turned out to be very moving!!!" Anon.

"Awesome experience, will be coming back. Money well spent!!" Caroline, New Zealand

"Great experience. Very insightful and positive experience. Many thanks." Hanisha, Mauritius

"Horoscope reading and explanation was very clear, insightful and positive. Will look forward to returning for a personality overview soon." Myra, Scotland

"Very entertaining and informative. Also good advice for the future. Thank you." Rebecca, Colchester

"Amazing information and spot on 100%! Great advice for my future." Paula, Sussex

"Karen hit the nail on the head with past info and certainly helped with decision-making for the future." Ann, Canada

"Thank you for enlightening me. I feel ready to face the world with enthusiasm - watch this space!" Shirley, London

"Karen, you were sooo accurate! Thank you for making me feel calmer!" Maria, Glasgow

"Karen, that was very good, thank you! You reminded me of my strength." Baerbel, Germany

"An excellent reading. Wonderfully explained." Gary, London

"Absolutely spot on (Astro Relate). Left feeling very confident and with a positive outlook." Jay & Georgie, London

"Karen, thank you so much for your time and insight. It was incredibly refreshing to have the balance of astrology and real world insight. Thank you." Felicia, Mexico

"Thank you so much. I really needed to hear your wisdom. I have left feeling a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. All the best." Lauren, Birmingham

"Very good! Spot on reading. Definitely coming back for follow up." Katu, Johannesburg

"Very interesting, aware of my surroundings and what to look out for. Thank you - will definitely do a follow-up." Ngina, Kenya

"Very good guidance! It certainly made me hopeful (smiley face). Thank you!" Seiko, Tokyo

"Wow! How did she pick up on all of what is going on in my life right now? All aspects 'spot on' and great advice for exploiting full opportunity to resolve issues. Thank you Karen." Deb, London

"I found my session with Karen to be reflective of my life as it stands today, now! Questions answered without being asked...awesome! Feel light and hopeful and looking forward to the years to come, knowing Astrology guides my Unseen!" Pauline, London

"Money very well spent!" Julie, Australia

"Karen uses the science of astrology and the intuition of an energy reader when she conducts a session. I am fascinated on how accurate her readings are and truly appreciate her honesty and recommendations on how one can deal with specific challenges. I look forward to my next session with her and if you haven't yet, ask her about her detailed readings on a specific topic of interest to you. Thank you Karen!" Ani, New Zealand

"Karen, you gave an extremely intuitive and insightful reading and left me with a profound feeling of hopefulness. Thank you, Karen." Cherri, London

"Really amazing, will be back again." Lisa, London

"Very enjoyable. I will be back soon." Judy, London

"Excellent reading from Karen. I had no intentions of having this done. Just passing through Greenwich and saw this. I am glad I did it. Worth every penny.x." Cynthia, London

"Amazing. Bang on accurate and a real pleasure! So helpful as I move forward. Thank you!" Cheri, New York

"So grateful for your guidance. I trust it absolutely because everything you have said resonates with me on every level. It is easy to understand and you have certainly given me direction at a time of change. An important juncture of my life. I hope I remember what you said!! Thank you so much.x"Lynne, London